Asthmagirl Gardens

After much discussion, TOG and I have decided to finish the side of the house before finishing the back. He spent a few hours last week clearing part of it and I don't want to see it fill back in while we tackle some hard stuff.

Here is the side of the house yesterday morning... It's supposed to be raining (and I know you're enjoying the dandylions and clover!) These shrubs were installed by the builder and other than hiding all the electrical boxes on that side, they just don't cut it. They're out of there!


Here is the yard about noon yesterday. 


Here is the yard this morning. I was too tired to take a picture of it last night. This morning it actually is raining!


The remainder of this side should be finished by tomorrow. We're going to install ground cloth with a gravel pathway back to the gate. So really, no gardening involved the rest of the weekend. Just moving rocks around. Joy!

Hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend!

Asthmagirl out!