Off Kilter

We had a power outage yesterday which means that even though I turned on my alarm last night nothing happened this morining. No alarm. Guess who overslept a little? Which meant no hair washing. Which means:


(Gives new meaning to the term "bed head"!)

Unfortunately, the same theroy held true with the coffee pot. Even though I set it up last night, it did not have coffee waiting for me this morning because the coffee pots alarm was eliminated with the power outage. (We're not going to depict Asthmagirl with no coffee ready first thing in the morning. This is a family blog)

So all in all, I'm feeling a little off kilter today. So much so that I'm late for work which I really hate.

On a happy note, I hope to finish the federal grant I've been working on by about noon today! I've been living it for about 3.5 weeks now, so I should get a huge chunk of my brain back when it hits the finish line.

And finally, I know I've not been an attentive blogger this week... I've been distracted, a little over worked and even a little caught off guard by some of the things popping up in my life this week. I'm hoping that a trip to the pub tonight and a little food porn will get everything back on track! A three day weekend can't hurt either. Anyhow, y'all have made me laugh and smile and think this week and as usual, I'm grateful for the opportunity to interact and be a part of your lives.

And dear god, I hope it's not raining where you are. Cuz, yeah... it's raining here.

Happy Friday!


*and then she forgets to take the post live after she finishes it. What a dope!