Cirque Du Soleil

This is where I will be tonight!


The Olde Goat always gets antsy because we have to hurry up and go have a good time! Since I work so far south, it's true that I probably need to get off work early especially with the commute north to see the show. Since TOG has Fridays off, I thought I'd surprise him and take the day off so he doesn't get all frothy about what time I'll be home. And actually, it was his idea... "take the day off... maybe we could go for a bike ride..."

Ahem. TOG just went out the door to work. I didn't have the heart to tell him I took the day off. And perhaps it's better anyway... I think I may have to go in and wrestle with the server. Accounting needs an update to their payroll program and it didn't install through the remote last night when I tried.... I have the feeling they need it today though since payday is Monday... and since I want to get paid... Sigh. I should probably go get dressed since I'm sure that's what I'll hear when the accounting manager calls... in about 20 minutes!

I think this will be the fifth show we've seen from Cirque. I love going! The first show we went to, Saltimbanco, I didn't know what to expect. We had front row seats and the performers totally mess with you. One of the acrobats tried to kiss me. I was pretty sure it was part of the show, but there was rather a lot of grease paint and I practically broke my back avoiding his lips. Even TOG was yelling "Kiss Him!"... I just couldn't! But we've sat in the front row ever since and it's always entertaining! Totally worth it! I wish I could say I'd get great pictures... but no cameras allowed!

Well, I should go get ready... Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!

Asthmagirl out!