Tired and sore

A weekend of yard work, completed at 6 o' clock last night... I'd like to say the whole yard is transformed, but it's not... we did make an impact though.

Before: (with great camera)


After: (with increasingly crappy camera)


We worked in another part of the yard as well, clearing and laying landscape cloth and putting down gravel. But we got the most done in this area. Unfortunatly, we missed what was reportedly a great birthday party (Sorry L!) with lemon curd cake and chocolate mousse cake.

In response to yesterday's post, no... that's not my columbine. It's at Buchart Gardens up in Canada. This is my columbine... very ordinary.


I did find a picture of a double columbine (again from Canada) which I had never seen before.


And now, I'm off to stiffly climb back up the stairs and get ready for work. I'll do a better job of blogging tomorrow.