Fabulous Foto Friday

Today we take you on a little photo journey.... First up- Bad hair

K1 let the salon put this brassy gold stuff on her hair, little thinking how that growout might look in a month or two! On a personal note, I didn't think the gold looked that good with her skin, Pale hair yes, gold... not so much.


Now- good hair. Re colored all of her hair with permenent color and then went over the top with a dark blond color gloss, semi-permenent. We'll know if a few weeks how good my matching skills are! We think it's really close though!


Now, the new back pack! The reason I wanted this particular pack so badly was because of the internal frame. In the picture below, you can see the two metal wires that hold the pack away from the mesh. That way the mesh sits against your back and you get air flow and less sweaty, sticky clothing!


On the inside, we see that the pouch for my water bladder sits directly behind the frame, providing a little air conditioning action on my back. The tube from my water bladder feeds up through the top of the pack and anchors on one of the straps so I can drink as I hike! Cool Beans! I got the smaller version of the pack because the more weight I carry, the more oxygen my muscles will need as I'm climbing. Since oxygen is an issue when I'm hiking (moreso the higher I go) the goal is to keep the pack as light as possible. I think I'd be too tempted to "fill-er-up" with a larger version, so I went small! 


At my old house, the huge [flat] yard was nicely landscaped and we had tons of flowers and climbing vines, and blueberries and about 500 bulbs. When we bought this house, we did not realize how difficult it would be to work with this bulk head crap. After 3 years, we just about have all the blackberries killed. We started planting this lower level, but lack of a really good plan prohibits us from moving forward. We've considered a drip system, bought landscape fabric for the top and are pretty sure we want to install Italian Cypress across the back to shield the yard from the neighbors. On this side of the yard, you seem my rosemary and the house belonging to the cat hater.


On this side of the yard, you see the apts behind us and to the right would be the house of the fence painting neighbor.


Any ideas? Suggestions? Aside from a bulldozer and a couple margharitas?

Asthmagirl out!

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