I called K1 last night to set up her time to come over tonight so I can fix her hair color... she let a colorist do something unfortunate at the salon and now requires corrective color to go back to her natural. Normally I don't like fixing color mistakes, but her hair doesn't look good, at all. [and corrective color is expensive in the salon]

During the conversation, she told me she was contemplating starting a blog... kind of like mine, a little bit of everything and she was looking for a name that wasn't too much of one thing or another.

Of course, that conversation got me thinking about my blog, and intent, and name and all sorts of stuff. I already had the name because I'd bought the domain months earlier with the intent of building a website for fun. Once I determined that I would build a blog until I decided what to do about a website, I just wasn't sure what I was going to do with the content. As editor-in-chief, I anticipated that there would be quite a bit about the lungs, especially during my lung season. But unlike my last blogging adventure, I didn't want it to be THE WHOLE THING. I wanted to leave myself open to explore other material. [Which is why I always put the dogs in the header. They're a huge part of my life. And I'm still digging the fish... I've messed with a new header, but haven't come up with an improvement on the current one yet.]

However, when I contemplated running Blogher ads, I had to pick a focus. I picked health because with a name like Asthmagirl, you really can't go in a different direction! But in truth, I really try to minimize the asthma thing because I think it's just not that interesting [unless you have it and are trying to live with it!] to the general public and my audience is pretty varied. Although, this summer might be interesting as the lungs provide a real contrast in their "good season" compared to their wimpy winter!

I really thought I'd do more with the cooking, but the more I post to my cooking blog, the more I realize that I'm still in a huge learning phase. Coming out of 25 years of production dinners has left me with some good skills and confidence but a lot of space to fill with new ideas and foods. The fact that I never know who will be here for dinner makes things even more challenging! That and I don't shoot food very well, I'm always in a hurry to eat it!

I'm not really a mommy blogger. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But my kids are much older, technically adults and my focus is really adult parenting and not child development.

I'm not really looking for a specific area to focus in, I don't really feel like I need to. And I see a lot of people that are just blogging "life" which is interesting, unless it's my life! And then nothing ever happens! Work... food.... the occasional hike!

For me, I think the hardest thing about blogging is time. Having the time to do it well... I wish I could take more time right now, but with two jobs, sometimes I feel lucky just to get a post up! The best thing about blogging, finding community. I don't think I realized how insulated I was with just family and work until I met so many other people that I wish I knew IRL. I've seen other bloggers say the best thing about blogging is having a place to emote, and while I agree, mostly I think it's the interaction. Because I do so much writing, I have a lot of opportunities to express ideas (although in a technical format). But that writing doesn't produce a lot of feedback and blogging provides that opportunity to comment, to interact. The second best thing is the challenges you find. Making something you'd never made before, trying new products you saw elsewhere... the bloggy world is full of ideas, recipes and recommendations. Who knew? 

So, for Thoughtful Thursday...Did you have a focus when you started your blog? If so, has it changed? For you, what do you enjoy most about blogging?

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ I know I'm all over the place today. The dogs had me up and down all night... another story for sure!