One of the reasons I like hiking a little higher up is that the alpine wild flowers are so pretty. However, in the spring, the lower woodland blooms are just lovely... I can never walk by without enjoying them and it's so cool to be able to take the big camera and get a decent picture! With my other camera, I didn't get such vibrant color and had a hard time shooting in low light... so views were fine, but shooting in the woods wasn't very successful.


The Oregon Grape is very mundane during the summer (I think), but the spring bloom adds a ton of color to the low brush!


One of my personal favorites... Trillium! Three petals, three leaves... how can you go wrong? The sad thing was, I saw a number of these crumpled on the trail... people had picked them and discarded them. Very sad.

I have no idea what this last flower is.


Of course it might help if I took a shot that was in focus!


Does anyone know? Although there were a few close to the trail, they were sprinkled up the hill sides, sometimes clumped around moss, so clearly they like moisture...

In other news, I've got a new recipe on the cooking site and the family thinks it's a winner! I've got another one planned in the next few days as well!

The weather in this area is supposed to hit the mid eighties by Friday and I'm not ready! [will my shorts still fit?] Because our weather is so moderate for much of the year, when we get into actual heat, I start fumbling for what to do about dinner... mostly because we have no AC so any cooking heats up the kitchen. I can only grill so much! I'd certainly be open to ideas or suggestions!

Asthmagirl out!