On Rattlesnake

In my previous post I noted that TOG and I had been waiting for better weather to hike in. What I meant was that I didn't want to hike in sideways rain and butt deep snot snow. So we waited until Mother's Day at noon to hike because the rain wasn't predicted to show up until that afternoon. Mt_si

On the way in, we'd driven by Mt. Si. The weather was holding because we could see the top of the ridge, so we knew we had some time.

The sun actually came out for a while and other than the gimpy leg, I was enjoying the outing... okay, I was enthralled with the light. It was awesome!


The hike was only 4 miles and the elevation gain less than 1200 feet. But the leg was more than happy to stop halfway and shoot some pictures.


Below, you see Rattlesnake Lake. My faulty sense of direction tells me we're looking east at this point. Low clouds, losing the light, but still dry.


Totally digging the snow on the peaks! Next stop, top of the ridge....


Our second view of Mt. Si.... from the top, with the ridge no longer visible. Dig the smoke in the middle of the picture!


Looking north from the ridge... what is that...?


It's Chester Morse Lake...


Even from due east, we can feel the weather settling lower....


Here it comes from the south. You can see the precip. About 20 seconds after this was taken, we got hit by some pretty stiff wind, a butt-load of what we thought would be snow (and ended up being hail) and the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees! We wasted no time running back across the rock (getting pelted with hail while our rain gear stayed nice and dry in the pack!) and didn't stop until we were back under the tree canopy! Jerky and OJ anyone? And best of all, even with all the moisture, the lungs totally had a great time up there!

I'm not going to show the flowers today although this shrub intrigued me... it seemed to glow.


Natural light...


With flash!

Just for giggles... here's where we were when the storm hit. We took this a couple years ago from down at the lake....


Tomorrow... woodland flowers!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ I'm certain I haven't forgotten anyone's birthday today!