I dare you

It's a beautiful morning and I'm feeling great because:

  • I started riding my bike this week and I'm burning off stress and sleeping better
  • Laurie stole my kitchen goddess post and made it even better!
  • I fixed a mean dinner last night!

For more information about the dinner, visit the cooking blog (click on the turnover on the right). For those you who aren't sure, yes... I have a cooking blog. I'm considering renaming it "comfort food galore" since this is all I can seem to manage! Oh, and this time... it's not soup! Yeah, I was surprised too! It's the first sign of spring.... "Hey, Asthmagirl's not making soup anymore"!

As I was eating my shredded wheat this morning, K2 came into my disaster office and Cassie did her morning greeting. I happened to have the camera handy and now you will all know what I have to face each morning. I dare you to harden your heart. Don't make the 'ooh' sound... none of that. Remember, just another puppy to nudge out of your way with your foot while you go on about your day. No! Look away from the soulful eyes! Don't bend down and rub her soft, silky belly! Don't tug on her little white toes or stroke the tufts on her ears... That's what she wants! Great... now she'll do it each and every morning. You'll never be free of her!