...In your eyes, I am complete...

I have the joy and the privildge of being tagged by the one and only.... the divine Baroness von Bloggenschtern. I would not normally be so excited, but I haven't been tagged for a while and thus, as they say in the movies on stage some tv show... oh crap. They say it somewhere... "Everything old is new again". Now I've said it. So it's true.

This one is 6 utterly unimportant things about me. How unique that it is in such a short list. Brevity is to be admired. I've been blogging daily for months and had not gotten around to revealing these things. You really must go thank the Baroness for getting me to "sum up". Look, go see her no matter what. She's charming, witty, a hell of a dancer and frankly, no one rocks the veil like the Baroness. Although I haven't seen it in person, I hear she can also tie those cherry stems with her tongue. Rock on BVB!

  1. My perfect food: cookies
  2. Favorite colors: slate blue and lavender
  3. Hair: Blond
  4. DVD I recently saw: The Incredibles
  5. Guilty TV pleasure: Deadliest Catch and Ninja Warrior
  6. If I were a tree, I would be a(n): Gravenstein Apple and everyone would love me.

Now for the tagging... hmmm.

Yeah... that's it for me. Anyone else that wants it... consider yourself tagged! Don't forget to link up. Have fun!

Asthmagirl out!