In your eyes... the light, the heat

I did not sleep well last all. Thus I find myself apologetic, yet unable to take on a letter for your entertainment. Let us take this moment to catch our asthmatic breath before delving further into the chaos and sweetness that is my life...

But first, these bloggy messages...

  1. I didn't really intend anyone to see the letter when I wrote it, so I guess I didn't provide a good ending since I already knew the outcome....We never did find out what happened to J. I would have been very surprised had we crossed paths again. He was extremely traumatized and had no idea where he was. I knew what hospital they had taken him to, but don't know if they released him that day or not. At the time of the assault, he was 21. He'd been partying with friends about 10 miles away and had gotten in a car with some people who had been at the party and said they'd give him a lift to get more beer. There was a girl in the car he thought was cute. He remembered going to a gas station and buying it and thought they might have seen him use his debit card and figured out his pin. He didn't remember the blow that cut his face open although he did remember them choking him in the car and laughing. The cops thought they assaulted him with a broken bottle at the end of our block. The cut on his face was quite wide and the cops didn't think a knife was responsible. They found a lot of bloody broken glass down there. The trail of blood began at that corner and came to our neighbors house and ours. J said the neighbors didn't respond. Undoubtedly, that was the noise that woke Maddie. The cops thought they had a good chance of seeing film of the group buying beer at the gas station they drove to, but I don't know if they caught them.
  2. We have a three way tie for first place in the letter poll. Some one needs to vote some more. I think you can vote again after 24 hours. If no one breaks the tie, I'll just do those as the first three in some random order.
  3. My head is pounding and I need coffee

For your enjoyment... I took these on the way to work the other day. Love the cherry trees!



I drive down this road each day on the way to work. I take the fork to the right. That's frost on the grass and it's a turf farm. They'll harvest in a couple weeks!


I had to drive into town to get this shot. Gosh, it was a bright morning.

Have a wonderful day!

Asthmagirl out!