Even before I met with Bossy and the Posse, I read much discussion on the pros and cons of posting daily to ye olde blog. There's certainly the argument that posting daily depletes the quality of your posts... I mean, who is brilliant every single day? I'm not! I've heard that folks feel more fulfilled when they wait until they've really crafted something awesome and creative. I've heard the valid "I don't have time to post daily" comment more than once. I have my own thoughts on this and here are a few good reasons why I've been posting daily:

  • In my previous blog, I posted when I wanted to and sometimes those posts got to be like a month apart. Then I started making the "apology" posts, and the "nothing happened in the last three weeks" post. And finally I just quit.

It seems to me that if one of the functions of a blog is to document life, whether as a mom, an asthmatic, a home schooler, a writer, a care giver or all of the above, regular posting is how you not only document but evaluate. How did I feel last time this happened? Am I getting any better at dealing with this? Did I get great advice last time that I can use this time? And most importantly... is this meaningful to me?

And for me, I know that if I don't approach this with a sense of discipline, I will eventually lose all discipline for posting. And it follows that we don't devote ourselves to that which is not meaningful.

  • One of the curses I endure is speedy reading. I think I have a natural aptitude for it and so in college I took additional speed reading courses. This means I can blow through material fairly quickly... books don't last long and I end up reading cereal boxes and make up labels and clothing tags because I MUST read. Having blogs to read helps a lot... it feeds the animal within that must be satisfied! I figure there are other folks out there like me, and even if the quality is variable, they appreciate the post! Of course, I could be wrong!

I'm most aware of the fact that as I sit down here each morning, I am the editor-in-chief. It's my job to make the page "not blank". Sometimes that's easy, sometimes it's intimidating, sometimes it flows. Sometimes you have to wrestle and fuss and see how the idea ends up when you get it "on paper". But it's always energizing, and I always learn something from the process. And the feedback I get is very enlightening. Sometimes, I throw something out there casually and get a ton of feedback; other times I wrestle and agonize to get it on paper and it just doesn't move folks. But it's worthwhile. For me, the blog is like holding the mirror up close (some days...very close) and seeing your reflection in society. It provides the feedback that I might not get in day-to-day life, sitting in my office... Some days, it's just a barometer. Other days it's a tuning fork.

The one constant, is learning. Whether it's learning about you all or learning about myself through you ... being editor-in-chief is a pretty damn good job!

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ Apparently the car had another short in the ignition. The car dudes say it's a whole different issue and I guess they're gonna charge the girl again. I think I'm gonna stand back on this one and let things fall where they may.

PPS~ In the interests of sharing, here's a shot of the editor's desk. I know MPM has been on a cleaning binge. I'm hoping she'll take pity on me and come help me out.