The legend continues!

Dear Automotive Shop,

I hear Glen is not working there anymore due to health issues. While that's unfortunate, you've still got my business. Over the years you've worked on my little Honda whenever it needed attention, brake jobs, tune ups, the time it blew an electrical relay.... I've always been totally impressed with your honesty and your prices and the quality of your work.

So when you fixed the electrical after the fire under the hood, I had no qualms about K2 representing the car as completely functional. After all, we've never missed an oil change or a scheduled maintenance or even a tire change. And your work has always been golden.

So why is the car back in your shop after having half the electrical go out in the middle of a drive through with the new owners? I realize that you likely thought the car was fixed as well but obviously you missed something significant. And even though you are dealing with K2, I've got my eye on you... you'd better warranty the work and stand behind it. It's not just your reputation at stake, it's hers.



PS ~ By warranty, I don't think it should cost my girl anything beyond the $150 she's already paid. Bad enough she had to drive 60 miles round trip to pick up the car.... Dude.

PPS ~ As a particular fan of Deadliest Catch, I note that on the Northwestern, they bite the head off a baitfish to ensure a good catch. Perhaps a similar ceremony this morning would inspire y'all to do your best work on our little Honda so we can complete the sale!

Hugs! AG