I spent most of the weekend after Kathleen Madigan sleeping... either that or changing batteries in an auto parts parking lot and crabbing about it the whole way! This morning I woke up with my jaw tightly clenched. Great...

The awful thing about stress is that it sneaks up on you, and you don't realize it's pounding on you until after it's left the bruises. I think I'm aware now and hopefully able to make some changes to deal with it. Definitely more exercise, which I think is the hardest, because you have to convince yourself that you have time for it, which you want to deny when your work load is heavy! "Oh... I'm way too busy to ride my bike! I've gotta make dinner and then get to work"! Wrongo Boris! You gotta get your ass on the bike and burn some energy before your head implodes! And put your mouthguard in at night so you don't ruin your dental work (Again) by crushing your teeth.

What's stressing me out.... work. I have a lot of projects to raise money for this year and there's a lot at stake. With significant government cuts in social service dollars, the disability service world is running on an air tight budget. Additional dollars need to be raised. Some of it is basic stuff that needs to be done to our building but falls outside of our day to day budget and other needs include programs that may cease to function after next year if we don't source additional funding. This last one keeps me up nights, because it's a program that is designed to serve youth with disabilities that fall through the cracks. It's incredibly successful and our cost per placement is ridiculously low. The thought of losing the program through budget cuts is hard to comprehend. What's stunning to me is that there's really never fewer people with disabilities to serve, it's a constant, but we've been taking cuts since 2000 (appoximately 20%) and still more cuts are headed our way. 

And so ends this post. I never intended to talk about my work and I've said more than I intended to. Blame it on feeling a little stressy!

How do you know when you're stressed? How do you deal with it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Asthmagirl Out!

PS ~ Lentil/Tomato soup on the cooking blog! You'd think I'd be out of soups by now... but no!