I spent most of the day dealing with selling K2's older Honda. Pick up car, try to get battery replaced, go home to get right tools, back to auto parts, remove battery, get battery tested, watch battery fail, install new battery in parking lot, shuttle car back to the house. Wash hands. Shuttle car back to meeting place... sell car. I'm exhausted. But I've showered and am perky (finally). I was kind of a crab pot during this process, which K2 no doubt appreciated!

Since she made a little money on the sale of (my) the old car, I offered to let her buy dinner. We're having pizza! We did the online order with Dominos (not our first choice) but it's cool to watch the tracker and see where in the process your pizza is!

I'm finishing the other recipe and should have it up tonight... after I eat!

Hope everyone is having a Dandy Sunday!

Goodbye little Honda!! I'll miss you.