My ribs...

No, I'm not making ribs today....

Last night, TOG and I went downtown to see Kathleen Madigan.

Very funny lady. Very funny. This morning my chest and ribs hurt so badly from laughing myself into an asthma attack.... I took extra medication yesterday but it didn't help much during the performance. However, it is the asthma attack of choice... so much better than having one while hiking at 5000 feet or in the vicinity of a scented oil candle!

In the meantime, I have a serious yen to get out of the house but with the NFL draft this morning, I doubt that we're headed to the mountains. Frankly, with the price of gas, I'm wondering how much heading to the mountains we can actually do this year? Maybe I'd better become accustomed to just working in the yard!

I did take photos of cooking last weekend, but it should come as no surprise that I've yet to post them on the cooking blog! I'll try to get on that today.

In the meantime, I leave you with this photo, taken in Canada with Mt. Adams (I think) in the background. I'm pondering cutting my hair this short right now, which would be the ultimate in stupidity as there's no way I could get it into a decent pony tail while hiking and that means it would lay on my neck and get sweaty. Ick. Right now my hair is down below my shoulder blades thus even a pony tail is on my neck. Please...Someone... talk me out of it quick!