You may not know this, (in fact you likely don't since I haven't written that letter to my beloved that I promised oh so long ago) but I really like him most of the time! While he may be the loudest, most opinionated man on the planet sometimes, (And I don't know where that came from.... it wasn't there when he was wooing me) he really does have a heart of gold. 

So, when he did the advanced math and realized that I was going to be of a certain age this this year, he did something totally unexpected... he started a separate savings account (which he's dropping money in weekly) to save up for a trip to Ireland. He knows I desperately want to go and he's determined to make a big deal of this.

I know you're asking yourself... but Asthmagirl, if he's doing this wonderful thing for you, what are you doing for him? This is an excellent question. As it happens, I have an excellent answer. Last year, I surprised him with a trip to Victoria to go kayaking. We also saw the Titanic exhibit and went to all our favorite pubs and got massages. It's been a while since I bought him a computer and I upgraded mine last year.

This year, I'm tempted to surprise him by going back to Canada for some zip lining. See here for example. My other idea is to buy him a new computer. I worked on his last night and he needs a new one. But it's not very sexy. The zip lining is SEXY. But the computer is more practical, and he'll get a lot of use out of it.

So I need help. What do y'all think? Faster computer? Sexy weekend of zip lining and morning walks and pubs? This is what bloggy friends are for, right? Help me out so I get past the dithering and start planning!

Please vote using the poll below. Before you vote... note that you can select more than one answer. Also... if you have other ideas, I'm open to them! For those of you that visit daily and never comment (ahem),.. please vote anyway! It's completely anonymous and fun and *whispers* no one will know!