Earth Day

In honor of earth day... I'm celebrating one of my favorite businesses and one of the greenest, tastiest places I know of... Elliott Bay Brew Pub. Let me count the ways they are green....

  • They participate in Puget Sound Energy's Green Power program and purchase approximately 60% of their electricity from wind power sources.
  • They've worked with the city utility to replace (where possible) most of their old lights with the latest generation of energy efficient florescents, saving a heap of electricity over the course of the year while also providing better light.
  • They've been selected to be among the first restaurants in Seattle to take part in recycling all of their food waste instead of sending it to the landfill.
  • They've replaced the company vehicle with a diesel truck that runs on biodiesel
  • They use only certified organic pale malt as the base malt in all its regular house beers.
  • All their burgers are organic Black Angus beef raised on Vashon Island.
  • Spent grain from the brewing process is used to make their burger buns.
  • They serve organic Fair Trade coffee.
  • They monitor napkin usage and additional napkins are available on request. They've gone from bleached napkins to 100% post consumer recycled napkins.
  • They recycle all their fry oil to the biodiesel place for fuel

If their food was dreadful, I'd still support them, but the food is awesome. Their spicy lambchop on lime taboulah with peach ketchup was a winner. Their open faced turkey burger (organic) at the holidays....mmmm... served on dressing instead of bun with a cranberry compote and sweet potato fries! Yum. Their No-Doubt-Stout pulled pork sandwich on spent grain bun is to-die-for especially if you slip some cilantro slaw in on top of it. Their pale ale chicken pie.... the no-doubt-stout ice cream... the list goes on and on! Their turkey burger with swiss, bacon and spicy guac is yummy!

Anyway, I'll finish this off with a more global view, from someone far more informed than I. Visit Amy today for more info on earth day! Have an awesome Tuesday!

Asthmagirl out!