We interrupt the insane letter writing to respond to a challenge. No, not a throw down. I don't think I make anything well enough to attract the attention of Bobby Flay! Although I'm still feeling cocky about my potato salad. He'd probably ruin it with Jalapenos or something!

Apparently, Evil Chef Mom felt I needed a challenge and she openly dared me on her blog... exact words please:

Asthmagirl. All this month she has been writing letters as her posts. I'm wondering if she could write a six word letter? Yup, my little wheezy one, I just issued you a challenge, are you up for it?

Thank you. Not only am I up for it... I will kick it's butt!

  • family- the kids were always her priority.
  • writing- her letters revealed her heart.
  • humor- laughter was her sauce du jour.
  • angst- her anxiety made her stutter openly.
  • cooking- she was a master of soups.
  • romance- her romantic heart was his anchor.
  • appliances- the stainless steel behemoth kicks butt.
  • cookies- she never made a bad one!
  • In summary- a quiet heart filled with adventure.

Moving on....

I read a story on another blog this weekend that made me very sad. David recounts his wife's health challenges and how it resulted in her having to give up her rescued dog. I totally had snot bubbles after reading it. Do not go there if you have a bleeding heart (like me), because it will leap right out of your chest and be lying on the sidewalk spurting blood afterwards.

Therefore, it is time to take a break from the letters and post puppy pictures which I have not done in a while. Not that they've changed much!


Maddie's favorite place when it's cold.


Cassie's too!


No one's getting killed, Cassie teases Maddie until Maddie jumps on her. Cassie loves it. Just like human children!

Asthmagirl out!