Dear Former Car Dealership:

You may have noticed that I am no longer one of the faithful... That I have not brought my car into you for servicing in um... 2 years. I'm sure as you lay awake in the dark, for that brief moment before sleep, telling yourself that I'll return, you believe that it's merely a cosmic ripple in the universe. That I got distracted but no real issue exists...

Nestle in and close your eyes... and know that you could not be more wrong.

Please recall that although I brought my husband to see the car, he did not test drive the car. Nor did he want to. Nor did he make any decisions regarding the car; color, accessories... he was in fact happy that I found my car. He sat next to me as you checked my credit, made suggestions regarding financing and waved as I drove off. Yet somehow, in that exchange, your dealership determined that as opposed to being my car, as opposed to being our car, it was in fact his car. Only.

This played out in a number of ways... from being unable to set up the XM radio after the trial period because the account was set up in his name... to not being in the computer when I brought my car in for service. Every call to the dealership got the same response... your very cordial staff was truly at a loss each time they asked if I was related to my husband since he was listed as a customer and I was not. I gritted my teeth through the follow up phone calls to see if my husband was satisfied with his purchase, with his oil change, with his LoJack installation.   

Lest you think this some sexist issue from a jaded feminist, let me be blunt. This is a customer service issue. I can't think of a single transaction or market where it would be acceptable to put the paperwork in someone else's name and make no attempt to correct it. Ever. After repeated requests that you do so. Continuing to insist made me feel like a shrill harpy. No one wants to feel like that.

Thus, I've found another dealership. They are happy to change my oil. They love seeing my car come in for a quick wash on a sunny day. They always find me a turbo decent loaner car and they don't require an appt for an oil change. The follow up phone calls are for me...  In short, they're doing everything right.

The next car I buy... it won't be from you.


PS~ They're right next to a mall. I often shop for shoes while they're changing my oil. They call me when my car is ready. This is your competition. Be afraid.

PS.1- Yes Tammy, it is letter writing month for NaBloPoMo. Sorry I wasn't more clear with that one! Look forward to lots of missives as I catch up on my correspondence this month!