In gratitude

Dear Former CEO,

Although you are gone from the agency now (retired) there are some things that I want to share with you and with others....

While a difficult man to describe (or work for at times) I'm going to acknowledge that you balance your constant demand for great work with your ability to give and give big. In the few years I worked for you, you gave me the education of a life time. Gifts beyond price as they say in the song world.

The two biggest gifts were freedom of compassion and gratitude.

The first was huge, because it allowed me to harness my poor bleeding heart that ached for every cause and make what I had considered a weakness an asset. Previously I could be immobilized by the palpitations of a heart that felt EVERYTHING. Like the time you told me how little money people with disabilities make on their jobs and I burst into tears I was so angry (thanks for pretending not to notice!) Now I know that I can use that compassion as a springboard for action... It doesn't have to overwhelm me... it is very freeing and empowering. I just have to ask myself what I want to do about it.

Gratitude is easier. It's become a muscle that I flex regularly. The counting of blessings, the thankfulness that my family is well and whole, the acknowledgment of worthwhile work and most of all... my ability to appreciate the people in my life and how they enrich me.

I could go on, but I'm hardly waxing philosophic! That's your job, Sir!

Although you've moved on to some different tasks, you left your managers with a wonderful gift, one that I'm going to share, as any great gift should be shared. The following Recipe for Life was one of the many gifts you gave to the managers during the holiday season. Right after you cooked us a 6 course gourmet dinner that we still talk about.

Thanks, Sir.... for being such a great friend, boss, husband husband to your lovely wife, leader. You rock!