Dear Bossy

Last night I trekked to Seattle to meet Bossy and other Seattle area bloggers. I know many folks have said "go meet her, she's lovely" and I'm joining my voice to theirs... However I would also say go and learn about the your fellow bloggers... enjoy the giving spirit of someone that wants to create a stronger community....

Dear Bossy,

It was so great to meet you and fellow bloggers last night. I had a lovely time.  Having never met another blogger face to face, I felt exhilarated to finally talk "blog" and hear what others think and do with their blogs. It certainly promotes a sense of belonging both as a contributor in the blog universe, and a writer that seeks to improve their work.

After driving home and emoting endlessly to my family, I pleased to find I have enough thoughts skittering around to keep me busy for awhile.  And it's so cool to have it confirmed that I don't have to find the answers yet in order to keep doing what I'm doing! I'm guessing that tonight was very much an affirmation that people blog for a multitude of reasons and they're all perfect.

In your wake, I've got tons of new "hometown blogs" that I'm looking forward to visiting. And a really sweet memory of a charming group of women with a lot to say!

G.-thanks for taking the time to connect everyone and for being as inclusive as possible!

Anyone on the second half of the road trip...if you haven't put yourself on the link farm, it doesn't matter. Email someone who is and find out where to go. You'll meet some amazing folks.

Asthmagirl out!