Letter to you

Dear Bloggy Friends,


This letter commemorates an auspicious occasion... yesterday marked the 10,000th visit to my blog. I don't think when I started down this path that it really occurred to me that I would ever see such a milestone.

When I started the blog, I remember thinking that no one would ever read it, but at least I would have a place to write if I chose to. I knew I would enjoy the creativity but I don't think I considered the potential for camaraderie.

Although it's not the same as having a friend you can go shopping with or run off to the pub with or take the dogs for a walk with, the friends that I've made blogging have filled up some of the loneliness I experience as a by-product of my life. A loneliness that I didn't really want to address head on. I look forward to hearing what y'all are up to and I love it when you drop by to visit. Thanks to the Bloggy-hood, I'm now enjoying a diverse group of folk that enrich me in unexpected ways, giving me new paths to ponder throughout my day, new experiences to consider....

More importantly however, I have to acknowledge all of you for your encouragement. Posting everyday was never my goal, at all. But the more I post, the more I find myself with opportunities to consider and reveal topics and ideas that I keep tucked away. I can see my self posting about more than the mundane and I look forward to five minutes to plan my next post. (please just five minutes without someone needing something!)

Finally, I need to thank all of you for your dedication! It can't be easy having to visit each day and drag yourself through whatever drivel I've posted, especially the asthma stuff. :-) I may not have a large readership, but just the fact that y'all endure me is more meaningful that have a 500 people per day stop by!

I hope you'll continue to visit and leave snarky comments, kind comments, humorous comments, meaningful comments, comments full of mystery and mayhem, etc.... Thank you so much for making this fun!



PS ~ I finally posted the recipe on the other blog. www.asthmagirlcooks.com