Cassie's turn


Cassie: If you remember correctly a few months ago, Maddie got a turn being interviewed. It's taken me this long to get my own shot at the blog. At last, I'm where I belong- front and center!

AG: Just remember who's in charge here Dopey.

Cassie: Lets start with my name...hmmm? What's my name? It is not Dopey!

AG:'s Cassie. Then we called you Cass-a-roll because you were round, then Cass-a-lope because of how you ran as a puppy, then Cass-a-dope. Now you're just Dopey or Dope-a-sohn!

Cassie: Do I look like a dope?


I mean seriously, look at Madeline...


AG: We're not talking about Madeline. She is what she is. What's your first memory of us.

Cassie: You came and stole me from my mom. I was cute and fuzzy. They understood me.


AG: You had that gleem in your eye. If I'd been paying better attention, I'd have seen you for the troublemaker you are.

Cassie: What are you saying? I was born to be in charge!


What's your first memory of being here with Maddie and Fiona?

Cassie: Being cute. The other dogs didn't like me.


AG: You were bossy.


Cassie: Whatever. Lets talk about my good points....

AG: Fine... you look good in a dress.


Cassie: Not funny, Mom.

AG: Okay... you're an excellent pirate!


Cassie: Mom! Stop!

AG: Fine... I think you're beautiful!


AG: And sassy!


Cassie: What's your favorite thing about me?

AG: I've always thought you were smart.

Cassie: I am, aren't I?


AG: And in spite of the fact that you were so difficult to integrate into our little pack, you're a great friend to Madeline.

Cassie: She's not so long as I get all her toys!


AG: You make a great sister!

Cassie: Whatever! I'm still the boss!