I just want to take today to list and respond to your comments yesterday which I thought were awesome. I appreciated the feedback on my list and in the course of reading yours kept saying "yeah! great idea!"

  1. Election reform
  2. Complete overhaul of two party system and electoral college
  3. College accessibility for all
  4. Disability awareness -not everyone's is visible. [agree- mine isn't]
  5. Doctors who respond promptly
  6. Peace
  7. Professional mother's wage so we can raise our own kids
  8. Change how retirement pensions are funded for elected officials
  9. Locking up child molesters for life
  10. Reducing chemicals and pesticides used in producing our foods
  11. Changing how asthma is diagnosed (there's not much of a standard, especially for kids)
  12. Require curbside recycling in all communities
  13. Require natural cleaners in all public venues, particularly where kids are
  14. Re-evaluate free trade agreements that suppress human rights
  15. Education reform in which kids are not the losers- special ed kids not able to meet standards "graduate" with a certificate of completion vs. a high school diploma

Wow.... just wow. What a thought provoking list. It makes you wonder if anyone is hearing concerns or ideas like these. I mean these are the things we're thinking and hoping for in our every day lives. They're important. How can they be unimportant in our elected officials eyes?

The last thing I want to share is on education reform. Meg went into detail on kids in special ed not graduating and I just wanted to note that in our state that same thing is based on passing the state standardized test in four areas; math, science, reading and writing.

Y'all know my youngest has a disability... she's been trying to pass this test since 5th grade. Even with "accommodation" like extra time, it isn't going to happen in math. Which is odd because she passes her math classes. Until the state rescinded the time line this year (I think they gave it another 5 years) she would not have gotten a high school diploma because she didn't pass the standardized test. Now to be fair, there are kids without a disability that can't pass it either. As a former teacher, I know that if I test my class and I have a 60% failure rate, it's my fault. I didn't present well, the test didn't reflect the material, I didn't teach in a way that allowed different learning styles to learn... whatever. Our state eliminates chunks of curriculum to teach to this test and they still can't get kids to pass. Giving it another 5 years isn't going to make it better unless you change your curriculum or change the standardized test. But the thought that my daughter could pass all her classes and not get a diploma enrages me. I've contacted the superintendent of public instruction for our state and gotten the official blow off. When your officials don't want to hear you, that's when I get on the reform band wagon and start writing my representatives.

Okay... I'm done grinding on this. Thank you all, sincerely, for telling my about your thoughts. I totally appreciate it! I hope y'all have a great Saturday!

Asthmagirl out!

*Last minute edit... a woman's right to choose. It's so basic, I didn't include it in my list. Mental P just submitted moments ago! Thanks!