Thanks and changes

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all y'all that visit every day and leave comments. Without sounding pathetic or...well, odd... it's safe to say I lead a quiet life and I've enjoyed the interaction and humor that y'all have shared with me.


Today's list deals with the things I'd change if I could. It lacks humor, which is unlike me, but occasionally I like to dwell in reality...but not for very long. I'm also about to share my opinion on things that could be considered controversial. It's just an opinion. Yours might be different and that's okay. Ready?

  1. I'd balance the federal budget if I could. I think it's the height of irresponsibility to fund a very expensive war and try to cut taxes and give "economic stimulus" checks to generate consumer confidence. I wish someone would come forward as the candidate for fiscal responsibility. That might stimulate my confidence. If TOG ran our household finances the way the federal government does, we'd be in a world of hurt.
  2. I'd definitely change how health care is funded for us. I think the first step is deciding whether we want health care delivered as a profit center or as a health and human services right. It seems like we're trying to do both. And the area that's struggling the most is delivery... doctors, hospitals, clinics.... My doctor (who's an excellent human being and a fine internist with a specialty in pulmonary) told me he can't afford to buy a house. I lean toward delivering health care as a human service. I know that's fraught with difficulties, not the least funding, but I  would have a hard time with the concept of us saying "look, we're in this to make money, you only get treatment if you can pay". 
  3. I'd wave a magic wand that helped people with disabilities get jobs. A 75% unemployment rate in any other population would have folks storming the Bastille with flaming torches.
  4. I'd create a separate funding stream for disability services. In our state it's part of DSHS. When folks talk about reducing the welfare budget, I don't think they understand the overall impact that has on programs that need a stable funding stream. You don't get a fluctuating amount of folks with disabilities, but the budget is anything but stable. In our county only about 20 of the students with disabilities leaving high school are currently funded for transition services.... services that help them determine what they want to do and helps them find and keep jobs.
  5. I'd insist upon more stringent research deadlines for alternative energy sources. Particularly for cars. This is personal as it's becoming harder to breath around any significant level of traffic. And y'all are breathing the same air I am.... It just doesn't make you overtly ill. It's still not good for you. I care!
  6. I'd forbid smoking inside any public eatery, bar, pub, roadside dive, etc. I'm not anti smoker. I know and love many smokers. I'm incredibly tolerant as long as it doesn't hit my lungs. It's very hard to keep it out of the non smoking section.
  7. I'd convince my boss to allow me to work half the time for the same amount of money
  8. I'd find a way to reduce my anxiety over some issues!
  9. I'd remember to be consistently kind.
  10. I'd teach my asthma to be a little more pansy ass. Something I could boss around every now and then.
  11. I'd be able to eat tomatoes and cucumbers without gagging.
  12. The flu shot would work every year
  13. I'd be able to bring my doglets to work with me occasionally!

What would you change if you could?