The purse list

One of the suggestions I received last week dealt with what might or might not be in my purse. I hesitated, but only because I think the contents of my purse might be terminally boring. Let's find out. Here's the darn thing now:


"Nooooo! Please don't rip my guts out and expose me to the world!" "Too late my pretty.... and your little dog too!"


Oh look! A gift card. I am an excellent customer. They should absolutely send me more of these. Yes indeed!


My new work phone. I'm doing good just turning this baby on right now. I have two more to rev up by Friday. I have to support them, so I have to learn it so I can help others. If only I had a Razr...


Ahhhh.... my personal cell. Tog bought me this phone three years ago (?). I'm on the second battery and the dang thing smells like feet. I hate answering this thing because it's so smelly. I googled smelly Razr and I guess a few people have had theirs stinkin' the place up. Something about the adhesive on the key pad. Yikes. I should note that despite the smell, I love this phone... it's easy to use, not intimidating and fits neatly in ye olde purse.


Here's a must have. Moisturizing chapstick. I think I have the most chapped lips on the planet. I've never been able to cure them. This stuff keeps the worst of the chapping at bay. I realize that puts me in geek land... an asthmatic with chapped lips... I'm sure you're thinking I probably run around with tech notes as well... Or flash drives...


Two Starbucks receipts and notes on software integration... Oddly, I didn't even know those were there.


The official flash drive... and keys to the remote office.... See? Boring!


2 pens, a watch that's had a dead battery for like 3 years (seriously) and my chocolate whip stick from Canada. Oh! and the string for my sunglasses to keep them around my neck when I fall off the trail hiking and tumble to the jagged rocks below. With the glasses in place, at least I won't have to squint to see my shattered leg!


And here's the glasses... with cleaning cloth. I can no longer see well up close or in the distance, so these and my daily glasses are bifocals with the progressive lens. I'm considering those funky glasses with the flip up lens so I can see out of one eye to put eyeliner on. I think I've been doing it by touch. Now that I have this big stupid eye crayon, I put my glasses on and recoil in horror at the creature in the mirror! Okay, back to the purse...


Okay.... the book on how to operate the silly phone and a coupon for 40% off on apparel. It's good through April 26th, so I'm in no hurry.


Oh look! There's my Costco card. Good news! I'm a gold star member! I think it's so cool that Costco calls their most basic membership Gold Star. Think if you got a gold star for the most basic things you did, like making coffee. Look Honey! I made Gold Star Coffee! MMMMMMM!


Quick puppy break here. Maddie thinks if I'm down on the floor, I ought to be throwing the sock for her. This is her pathetic "you'd do it if you loved me" look. Pointy elbows... just in case you hadn't noticed. And yes, she needs a pedicure!


Very exciting news.... we've found the inhaler. They come in all the colors of the rainbow. I like the blue ones best. It reminds me to use it before I turn blue. And the ever popular earbud and two hair scrunchies I didn't know I had. Suh-weet!


We're down to the juicy stuff folks... Here's a great pair! It's a gift card to Elliott Bay Brewpub (thanks dad!) and my class 12 liquor permit which allows me to serve spirits. My non profit worked at the Seahawks concessions this year to make money so we had to get licensed. I don't think I'll be serving the suds for a living anytime soon, but the license is good for 5 years, and if Khava needed me, I'd be legal. My hand was very happy last night when I edited this pic!


Tons o' cards folks! My AAA card is in there too. My joint account cards with TOG... My business cards for my business....


My other business cards, one for work, one for my bosses business... in case he wants me to go buy him a techie toy. Once I used it to take his wife out for wine and appetizers. I heard about that!


Here's what you were waiting for! $50 dollars folks! Woo Hoo! I've cleverly hidden my deposit slips behind the money! Maddie has cleverly dropped the sock on my purse! Must be time to throw it again!


Lastly, My car keys, complete with Maddie's identification as you see! Cassie's id is on the other side!

There you go folks, the complete tour of what's in my purse. I feel like tagging folks to see what's in their purse! But don't feel obligated! It's kind of like putting a bathing suit on in the dressing room and being glad no one else can see it!