I don't ride horses...

I love them, have loved them forever... but I feel awkward now whenever the question comes up. No... I don't ride anymore. It's for the best.

My last ride was in 1999 when I went with my sister in law. Great ride, lots of fun. A few days later, my back started hurting. It began to hurt a lot over the next 2 weeks... sharp pain, dull pain, aching pain... I had it going on. Finally TOG takes me to the emergency room and after a scan, they think it might be a kidney stone. Everyone nods... yes, those could account for the pain. Here, take these pills and go pass it. A week goes by with no changes... I have to have a kidney scan (IVP) which will help them see my stones clearly.

The scan.... wait for it.... shows nothing. I'm laying on the table and the head dude is looking at me oddly going "um yeah, you don't have kidney stones". I'm floored. I've read up on it. I now know I'm an excellent candidate (not drinking enough water). Of course I do Buddy, you're just not looking.

Buddy says "we're gonna stand you up and take a picture". Whatever. Hurry up so I can go see the pee pee doctor and tell him I don't have stones. Buddy finishes up, gives me the films and boots me out the door. Across the street TOG and I go, hand the films over to the pee pee nurse and sit and wait. My pee pee doc comes in and starts asking odd questions. Does it hurt more standing up... more on one side, hard to pee... blah, blah. Finally he says, you should come look at the pictures. Huh? Why can't you just tell me?

So he shows me my laying down shots, nothing to see here... move along. Then he shows me the standing up shot and he's showing me where my one kidney lives in relation to my spine. Then he moves his hand over and says "and this is where your other kidney should be". What??? Dude.... it's not there. He moves his hand down and points to my kidney which is about 5 inches lower than the other one. "It's down here".

Apparently, something happened with my connective tissue and the kidney got loose. As my aunt said, it went sight seeing. The urethra between kidney and bladder is folded over and causing pain, the kidney has fallen forward and is laying on my ovary. And it's running at about 25% because blood flow is strained. Pee pee doc says he doesn't deal with this kind of mess, but he knows someone that does.

And that's how I met Dr. P. Lovely man... knows his kidneys. He assured me that I was only the third person in the state to have my kidney drop. He even suggested I go on line and research it. He said it has low documentation because most Buddies don't stand a girl up. It goes undiagnosed and therefore it's very controversial in the kidney doctor world. Most people don't think it exists. His plan was to put the kidney back and restore blood flow. If he were successful, I could keep my kidney. If not, he'd have to go back in and remove it, since it was losing function slowly.

So, he did a butt load of documentation to get my short term disability insurance to pay... then I had to wait 5 weeks (on pain pills) for surgery because he was booked. The surgery itself was 9 hours because he did it laproscopically(sp) with robotic assistance. Instead of a Frankenstein scar, I have two little half inch scars in my tummy and one in my belly button. Dr. P basically sewed my kidney to my spine in order to hold it back in place. Then he had me lay on my back for 6 weeks (on pain pills) so the kidney would scar in place. He said the scar tissue would be more important to stability that the actual stitches.

It's the only Thanksgiving TOG made a turkey dinner while I lay flat on my back! By then, I had a nice addiction going and Dr. P had a plan to get me off the pain pills and start doing tests on the kidney. By new years, we discovered the kidney was functioning at 100% following restoration of blood flow. By February, I went back to work.

There's still no proof that the horse back riding is what jarred it loose... but I'm not taking any chances. Laying flat on your back is not all it's cracked up to be!

On a fun note, at that time K1 was in massage school and I let her take the films in to mess with her anatomy class! It's not every day you see a lazy kidney!

Tomorrow begins the new month in NaBloPoMo which is letter writing. I can only imagine what kind of letters I would have written to Buddy, Pee Pee doc and Dr. P. Do you write letters?