Reading and Writing

Asthma Mom prompted this post with her suggestion of books I'd read again and again and her pet peeve of poor writing!

I want to preface this by saying I love reading. In a way, it's one of the reasons I love blogging. Those of you that post regularly or even semi regularly provide fodder for my reading because I burn through material so quickly! I also enjoy writing but only to the extent that I can make a clear point. I know I meander and I'm sure I'm guilty of poor writing daily. But I do confess to being shocked by one thing my 5th grade teacher would have gone nuts over... announcing pet peeve #28, incorrect word selection,

  • Using there, their and they're interchangeably
  • Same with hair, heir and hare
  • And my all time favorite- our and are...

Again, not from the perspective of being a seasoned writer (I'm so not!), but from the perspective of jarring errors. Word choices that jolt you out of your enjoyment of the writer's flow are like hitting a huge pothole at 60 miles per hour. Hopefully, you didn't have scalding hot instant coffee spill into your lap at that very moment as well!

Anyway... I do have a number of books that have a permanent home on my book shelf. I could read them over and over and often do...

  • The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series (a little gory, okay a LOT gory, not sure how I can read these actually...she raises zombies from the grave for a living)
  • Anything by Clive Cussler, espesically Raise the Titanic! and Deep Six. Sahara was good too! Dirk Pitt is excellent! I think Clive could give lessons to Dan Brown (who may have improved...I thought The Di Vinci Code was brilliantly plotted but so poorly written I had to force myself to finish it)
  • Anything in the Death Series by JD Robb. I read these over and over. Sometimes I forget whodunit!
  • Anything by Diana Gabaldon. I think her best book was Dragonfly in Amber, maybe Voyager (The only books I buy in hard copy because I can't wait for paperback)
  • Nora Roberts has written some good ones, Montana Sky was one of her best as were Northern Lights, Carolina Moon and Three Fates
  • Julie Garwood's modern books have a gentle meandering style with in-your-face endings. It's very interesting suspense.
  • Jessica Bryan, Across a Wine Dark Sea and Dawn on a Jade Sea... phenomanal. The first is based in Amazon and Greek Lore, the second in early China. Read these if you can find them
  • Linda Howard- To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous are well written funny murder mysteries. If I want light reading, I go there! I've tried Janet Evanovich and thought it was just okay. I should probably try another because even a good author has just okay books.

Overall, I really like suspense. Romantic suspense is fine.... I just want to know whodunit. And I'm not squeemish over a few dead bodies along the way.

So what do ya'll read?