Conversations from a pub stool

I worked for half a day yesterday and then came home and took a nap. TOG woke me to see if I wanted to go down to the pub for a bite. Oddly enough I did, but we both knew it would simply be propping me up on the stool and leaving abruptly as soon as my stamina gave out.

Remember Annie and Khava? Big hugs ladies! You rock my Fridays! *cough cough*


TOG and I shared a couple of appetizers at first, since I have had like zero appetite (except for Noble Pig's muffins- second batch almost gone). First up was the lamb chops. I don't know what spice they come in, but they're zesty. I don't really rock the lamb like TOG does, but I'm all over the black bean and lime tabulah (I think there's couscous in it too) . They dress it up with cilantro and peach ketchup around the edge of the plate, very tasty! Then we shared some of their barbeque buffalo chili with hand cut chips. It started off wussy but it had some heat after a few bites! Finally after these nibbles, I succumbed to Khava's wishes and had the california turkey burger with spicy guac and bacon. I may not eat again for a week.

Apparently there was some question about whether my bun was truly a spent grain bun (baked using grain from the brewing process). TOG, being a bakery expert supposed it wasn't. Annie wasn't sure. Khava said of course it was. TOG felt that I may have influenced Khava (she looked at me before answering him) given that she likes me so well. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

TOG- What kind of signal did you give her.

AG- No signal required dude.

TOG- Oh... there was a signal. If your bloggy friends knew what you were really like...

AG- There was no signal. What are you going to do.... expose me for the signaler you believe me to be?

TOG- Exactly! I'll get on your blog and tell everyone what you're really like.

AG- Are you going to tell them what you're really like with all your "suggestions".

TOG- They're not really suggestions...

AG- More like "Directives for life"

TOG- Which you ignore. Oh good... the wife is doing whatever she wants again.

AG- Yeah- that vow of obedience must have worn off.

TOG- Like on day two.

AG- So you want to get on the blog and tell it like it is?

TOG- Absolutely! They need to be aware of how you really are.

AG- Fine. Let me know when. I'll set the stage and give you a nice intro... roll out the carpet so to speak and you can have your say!

TOG- What?

AG- I've seen husbands guest blog. If you've got something to say, it's all yours.

TOG- It'll probably take me 3 months to write it all up.

AG- Get started! Let me know when you're ready!

So TOG may be making an appearance... someday. And then all of you will find out how I really roll. It'll be the biggest expose' ever!

Hopefully, I'll still have one or two of you still talking to me after I've been outed!

Hello... hello...?