Back in the day, when I worked in the spa, and even before that when I taught at a beauty school, I saw a lot of feet. I love feet. I love my feet... your feet... all feet (almost). The challenge in working with feet is that most people don't like their feet or any feet. They've been programed by media/advertising agencies to think about their feet in a negative way: corns, bunions, ingrown nails, bumps, toe hair, fungus... the beat goes on. Then whoever is advertising the latest "cure" for ugly feet posts an airbrushed picture of an acrobat's foot (she obviously walks on her hands) and people feel horrible because they know they're not going to buy the cheese shredder foot shaver in the shape of an egg because frankly Scarlett, it scares them (rightfully so). They also figure their lovely hideous deformed foot will never look like normal hand walking girl so why bother....

Another observation [is she still talking about feet?]... the better people feel about their feet, the nicer the place they take them to. In beauty schools, you will see some interesting conditions (which makes for great learning). In the spa, you see great, well maintained feet... or occasionally, feet in which the owner is completely and utterly oblivious to it's condition ["yes, it's a blazing infection and you need to see a witch doctor priest physician, not get a pedicure"].

Now that I've laid the ground work, I must warn you that there are pictures of feet in this post. If you're at all squeamish, you should click on the turnovers (to your right, my left) and go the other site and learn how to make a mess in your kitchen twice baked potatoes. Trust me. I care.

My feet before (with freshly waxed, pasty white legs):


My feet at the spa (blurry from falling asleep during the service):


K2 and I went to the spa last night. A couple of revelations here. I can handle being in this spa, they use natural, essential oils in their services and they don't coat the air with it. They use a low VOC nail polish and I was able to tolerate polish, which I didn't think was possible. I have not worn polish in over 5 years. *angels singing*

Obviously, I could not take photos while I was in a catatonic state the pedicure bed, so here's photos of K2 in the pedicure bed:


Exfoliating seaweed soak


Laid back


Foot File


Exfoliating scrub (baby!)


Hot towels!


Zombie Girl!


Paraffin wax dip!

I had to leave for a while... to go look at products! When I came back she was done and we took one last shot!


Don't you just love feet?! Hello? Hello?

Where'd everybody go?