What I've learned

What I've learned about blogging...

There's no huge reason for this, no milepost, no experience that must be shared.... I'm just saying...

  • When in doubt be kind. Funny is good, but sometimes folks aren't ready for funny. Kindness in a resonse is always correct...
  • Be aware... you never know who reads you. I've become accustomed to my family reading, and am enjoying it! Hey Linnea! Hey K1 and SIL!
  • Leave comments. You never know if someone likes your blog if they don't comment. I try to comment as my schedule allows. I wish I had more time!
  • Be predictable. I note that many folks visit here at certain times and I try to post early... as early as the brain starts working! I also feel sad when I visit someone that usually posts and they haven't. I need my fix people!
  • Be visual. I love photos. Sometimes I haven't had time to take them or process them (like today) and I go with content. But photos rock.
  • Know the schedule- some folks don't post on weekends. I do, because I'm a dork and because of the NaBloPoMo thing. I don't know that I always will.
  • Be open to what others in the community have to teach you. I've learned some very unexpected lessons since I started this, which I'm grateful for.
  • Be open to the connections that you will make.
  • Having a blog friend that's 2000 miles away is just as rewarding as having one next door. You can convince yourself you just don't see them because they're working a different schedule! 

Although I was formulating the above list in the shower this morning, it really ties in with two things...

  1. a comment made by Evil Chef Mom this morning. ECM has had an issue with a coach in her kids life, and finally told the whole story yesterday and got a lot of support. That, Pie Day and a comment from Shining Egg made her view the blogging community in a wonderful way. Both of those posts are well worth reading if you have the time.
  2. A post I've been trying to write for about 2 months... here's a clip:

I started the blog because I had things I wanted to say (I'm not nearly done with that, I keep getting sidetracked!), things I wanted to share (Can you say cooking blog?) and things that I wanted to try (Photography).

In a more subtle way, I wanted to connect with people. Two aspects of my life have formed it to the point where I don't get out much. Having my daughter with the disability, I found that I have to be very predictable with my actions. She expects me home at a certain time, because her whole life is a pattern and she needs to know what to expect. She will call and call and if I'm in the server room without my phone, she's gets pretty worried. She's improving as she gets older, but I try to be really dependable and that means I don't hang out after work and socialize or meet someone for a glass of wine or shopping. The other aspect is my husbands schedule. He works swing, meaning there isn't someone else that can hang out at home. I'm the go-to-girl! There's a benefit in that someone is always home, but it does make for a less than exciting life. To address that, I started my own business and work in the evenings while I'm at home. Thrilling huh?

So for me the blog has unexpectedly become a social thing as well... a community as Shining Egg put it. The challenge is always how much time I'll be able to give it. The structure of my life doesn't have a lot of give right now. That will change at some point. But the need to reach out and belong is why I dedicate the time to blogging that I do. (If I were Maslow, I'd be pointing to the pyramid right now)

Here's hoping that y'all have a wonderful day!

Asthmagirl out! 

PS~ If I could get a head count for dinner on Sunday, that would be great!