Green Machine

Today being St. Paddy's Day, the focus for many folks today will be patrolling for green on their coworkers and hitting the pubs tonight to drink (shudder) green beer or Guinness and toasting the Irish... A charming holiday all in all! Ironic that in a couple months, those same folk might be at the local cantina ordering Cuervo and Dos Equies!

So in honor of all things Irish and rightfully green, I bring you the list of things that you ought to avoid if they're green. That way if you get 'too Irish' tonight, you'll have a handy cheat sheet you can refer to with the appropriate guidelines... Cuz I worry about you!


  1. Green beer- it's just wrong... don't go there
  2. Green wine- I don't know if y'all have had green wine, but if the vintage is "February", just say "nay". That way you won't have to spit it on the floor.
  3. Green cheese. Not to be confused with cream cheese (good) or even sour cream (better). Although if your sour cream is green....
  4. Green sour cream- 'nuff said
  5. Green meat of any kind
  6. Green potatoes
  7. Green bread- terribly wrong
  8. Green bananas

I found a number of things turned green during my brief search for a pic of green beer. But they made me woozy...

  • green cookies (pistachio and lime)
  • green potato cakes
  • green cake


This one is Irish cream cake and does NOT look nearly as good as Noble Pigs Guinness Cake.  I'm still dreaming of that cake!

If you didn't get a chance to visit Evil Chef Mom over the weekend, it's worth a trip to see all the pies that were baked for Pi day on Friday! The creativity (minus mine) and the recipes are amazing! I have my eye on a number of them that I plan on making!

Have a great St. Paddy's day~ Asthmagirl out!