Tough Question

I'm having a little trouble breathing this morning. Tragically, TOG and I had planned to go on a hike today. I just got up and it always takes a while to get the lungs moving, so it could improve. If it doesn't, sadly, I do not think we'll be trekking to the mountains today.

Ironically, one of the questions posed to me a few weeks ago was "what disease would you rather have than asthma, assuming you have to have one".

This is a tough question. Here's my criteria:

  • It should pose no greater long term risk to my life than asthma
  • It shouldn't require a transplant
  • It should be no more difficult to medicate than asthma
  • It should be no more visible to the public than asthma (no head size goiters on my shoulder)
  • It should not prevent me from hiking, biking or kayaking
  • It should eliminate my "freak-like" avoidance of scents

Based on that, here's the ones I think I might chose:

  • High Cholesterol although TOG has it and just looking at butter causes his to rise
  • Eczema or Ringworm might be okay, but could be visible to the public... so no
  • Anemia isn't too bad, I had it when I was pregnant and had to have iron shots in my behind.
  • I think I'm going to pass on the Ebola virus
  • I think I could live with Tinnitus, but that's easy to say when you don't have it!
  • Hypertension doesn't look too bad if properly medicated.
  • I might go with Tennis Elbow since I don't play Tennis...
  • I'm tempted with diabetes, but my great Grammy lost her legs to it, and I would like to retain my legs.

I think overall, I'd probably pick anemia. But it's really not on the same level as asthma, so for something a little more heavy duty, hypertension.

Also not making the list: sleep disorders, tropical diseases (although I was tempted by curable malaria), prostate diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Allergies, Foodborne illnesses, circulation disorders, heart disease, impulse control disorders, gastrointestinal diseases and liver/kidney diseases.

What's on your list of acceptable illnesses?