The name game

When TOG and I realized that we were having a baby (that'd be you K1) we went through a very entertaining time of trying to figure out a name for said child. If you are a parent, you will know how vital it is to pick out the perfect name for your progeny. Too prissy and your kid gets beat up on the playground. Too dorky and they end up in chess club with a pocket protector (not that there's anything wrong with that). Too strange and no one can say it correctly.

On top of that, we have a somewhat challenging last name name in terms of lots of syllables.... lets say it's very similar to Mulligan. There's a rhythm to saying the name... it has to flow.

With the ground work laid, here's how things went. We started out wanting to work with family names combining his family and mine.

Mothers names- Lila Juanita (gasp) or Anna May, now add Mulligan- this would be cruel

Grandmother's names- Lucille Irvina or Pansy Patricia... we could not do that to a kid. Who named them?

Great Grandmother's name- Mabel Mary. Can you imagine. Mabel Mary Mulligan. The kid would have been beaten soundly every day on the bus.

The boy names were a little better.

Fathers- Curtis Leroy... I can't go any further, I'm stopping there. It sounds like a NASCAR driver. Add to that my father kept asking me to name him Bubba because then he'd have to play football. Can you imagine... Bubba Leroy? Ha, ha, ha!! (ahem) No possible way!

Grandfather- Albert Louis... Never mind.

So we decided to do our own thing. The only criteria was that it could not be shortened to some horrendous nickname nor could it include the name of a flower. The Nix list:

TOG seriously wanted to name the kid Jesse James Mulligan. That was right out. We discussed Denise but there was already a cousin. We thought about Ann or Anna but were unispired.

We finally decided on Christopher as a boy name. Back then you didn't know what you were having.... As you know, we had a girl. Her name starts with a K. I'll leave it up to her whether she wants to reveal her name. As you know, I don't out people unless they're on board. I will say that given feedback from the kid, we didn't do as good a job as we hoped. Which sucks, because we spent a butt load of time trying to find just the right name.

The second girl would have been David. I don't know why Christopher wouldn't have worked the second time, but I hated it. My hormone level must have been different. She came darn close to being Lindsey but in the end, We named her after a famous TV Actor. (not actress... actor)

The third time, we knew at about 7 months that it was another girl. It was very difficult, because we inadvertently had two kids named with K's. You can't really go with Susan or Alice at that point but we didn't want to go with three K names and be dorky. However, that's exactly what we did. K3 is named after a character in book. As I was recovering from the c-section, TOG said I could name her whatever I wanted. I blame the painkillers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

How did you name yours (if you have any).

And K1, I'm still sorry. We really thought we'd done a good job!