Weekend Winners

Most relaxing- Going to the pub with TOG for a pint Friday night

Most decadent- Not getting dressed until noon.

Best outdoor activity- taking the dogs to the waterfront yesterday without their coats

Most terrifying (for Maddie)- taking the dogs through the car wash.

Best evasive maneuver - Going around the quartermaster's house to avoid the beautiful German Shepherd that Fiona wanted to eat!

Favorite meal- toss up between Sourdough pancakes and Meatball Soup

Best surprise- The girl scouts standing outside my favorite store. I bought a box going in and another one when I left. Thin mints rock!

What I forgot to do- my laundry

What I remembered to do- Give Maddie a pedicure (she hates having her nails done)

Biggest hassle- Negotiating for a new stove

Beauty maintenance checklist- touching up roots and smoothing callouses on my feet

Beauty to-do- Wax legs (oh baby)

Biggest adjustment - day light savings

Most critical need this morning...more coffee!

Asthmagirl out!