Places I've lived

Welcome to the first of the NaBloPoMo entries! And of course, Welcome to March! I got some great suggestions yesterday and decided to start with one from Hallie! Where I've lived.

I tried to find pictures to kind of flesh this out a little because I think just listing the places would make it look a little dry. So off we go:

1. Portland, Oregon- the city of my birth. I like the shot of Mt. Hood as well. I think it's one of the prettiest mountains around. While I was born in Portland, my parents actually lived in Lake Oswego... which is much swankier now than it was way back then.


2. From Portland, we left for Oklahoma City where my dad went to radar school for the FAA. I don't remember anything about this place although I heard that I was a wretched child there.


3. From Oklahoma City we moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I clearly remember Fairbanks. It was cold and I had to wear my mittens even though they made my fingers sweaty. Dad pointed at the bank and it was -20 on the sign. This is one of the better pictures I could find of Fairbanks...from 1967 flood of the Chena river. More on that later...


4. Fire Island, Alaska. Although just outside of Anchorage, it might as well have been the moon. To grocery shop, you had to radio Anchorage for a plane, fly in, rent a car, drive to the market and reverse the steps to go home. The air force would meet the plane on the beach and give you a lift back to the housing. We lived here during the '64 earthquake which wipe out the airstrip. Here's the fire island installation. Long Range Radar Site...


Here's a map of fire island showing how close anchorage is... That's fire island at the bottom, We used to have picnics at the lake you can see.


5. Murphy Dome. Just 25 miles north of Fairbanks, I don't think anyone would forget living here. We lived here during the flood and folks from Fairbanks evacuated to Murphy Dome. High Ground. My brother and I were flying back from Portland and they threatened to hold us in Seattle because they didn't know the status of the flood. I got snotty and announced that my Dad was with the FAA and he was expecting us and would be mad if we weren't on the plane. They let us fly.


In that pic you can see the road to the top. Here's a pic of a guy shoveling out his window. We used to shovel out ours too so we could put the dog out. We'd pour hot water to break the freeze on the window sill, then shove the dog out and he would claw his way to the top to pee.


Here's a map that shows Murphy Dome in relation to Fairbanks. You can see how close the Yukon was. If you looked south on a clear day, you could see Denali (Mc Kinley).


Murphey Dome is almost in the middle. Toward the top right you see the Chatanika....We used to camp on the Chatanika River. That's where I excavated a moose jaw out of the river bank.

6. Then we moved to Anchorage. Here's a famous shot of 4th Avenue after the '64 earthquake. It was better by the time we got back there... I think in 68 or 69.


Here's a shot I took last year from Port McKenzie...


We spent big chunks of our summers at the homestead.


Number 7 and beyond. From Anchorage we moved to a suburb of Seattle. I moved a few times in and around Seattle. For a while TOG and I tried things out in Portland but came back.


8. Now we live here. It's not very big, but it's close enough to everything.


Now I'm exhausted. I hope the next list is easier to compile.