Somehow in the midst of sleep deprivation and stress, I've managed to recover my good humor, find a deep well of tolerance for those that are technologically impaired and manufacture enough energy to make dinner (post on the cooking blog), clean the kitchen, wash the dishes AND make cookies! I must have found both a second and third wind somewhere.

I almost always regret 'going off' because not only is it unattractive, it's unproductive. I really prefer to address things with people that can help resolve the issue. Although lately, I've noted I'm getting a lot of "we understand your perspective, but it's not likely to change". *sigh* It basically translates into "yeah it's an issue, but we've decided that we like the issue so we're going to keep doing the same old thing."

So in honor of "fix it yourself or get over it" I bring you the Asthmagirl 12 step program for dealing with stress

  1. Acknowledge it
  2. Come home and cuddle your puppies
  3. Make cookies
  4. Play with your camera
  5. Blog about it
  6. Go to bed early and read a book
  7. Exercise a little
  8. Throw the sock for Maddie
  9. Talk to your kids
  10. Play a world domination game on your computer... and metaphorically annihilate your evil doers!
  11. Soak in a tub
  12. Remember how lucky you are to have friends and family, home and puppies, life and limb. Life is full of challenges and your success is measured by how you respond to it not how you drag others down with you.

While I was dealing with things tonight, Maddie was trying very hard to get me to play. She sits up and "bats" at me. I happened to have the camera on my desk... (the red marks on her neck are from Cassie biting her)

Don't forget to check out the new recipe on the cooking blog! (There's no cheese, Amy!)



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