Funky Town

My boss had a saying about choosing your attitude. I'm working on mine right now because I don't want to become too pathetic or frustrated! I'm going to let this out though and you may want to stand back!

I've recently gotten dumped on at work, technologically speaking... pretty much everything that could break or go haywire has done so in the last two weeks at work. I'm sick of the server, sick of the accounting software, sick of people breaking stuff, sick of people sending 20 print jobs to the printer and clogging it up so no one else can print, sick of people calling me (without consulting their trouble shooting manual which I wrote for them and it includes pictures on "how to") because they can't get their email and the issue is they turned off the wireless on their dang laptop. Then they want to know if their laptop screen is too dark (wait for it) ... over the phone. Hello... people! Think! Many of you have worked there long enough to have learned better skills. Take some responsiblity for your own computing. I have better things to do than play 'guess how dark your screen is' or 'guess where I sent my print documents this time'... again.

I must be in a funk of sorts as I usually would be reletively unphased by this level of incompetance.

Work! Why am I talking about work. K2 just came in the door from her nursing clinicals and announced that she has strep throat. Thank goodness! With my brilliant immune system, I should have acquired it by this time next week!

Enough icky stuff. Where is my happy place? Must get happy....

For Pam... in honor of your wish to see Alaska... here's one of my shots of Denail (and Mt. Foraker which you don't see that often) from our trip up to Alaska last fall. We went to check out the old homestead. I can't believe how much it's changed in the last 30 years, but the old cabin was still standing...

We drove the Alaska highway many times, most recently when we moved down to the lower 48. At that time it was still gravel in many places and rather hard on the behind. I hear it's much better now!


PS~ We had a wicked storm come through last night with lots of wind. The chihuahuas would not go to sleep it was so loud so they slept downstairs. We were up late and now up early.... I'm sucking down coffee trying to stay awake. Here's wishing calm weather for everyone!