Maddie's first hike

Growing up, we always had dogs although most of the time, they were German Shepherds. But I did get used to running around the outdoors with a dog at my heels.

Thus, not long after we got Maddie, TOG suggested a hike in the Alpine Lakes. I started getting Maddie's stuff ready. Although TOG kept asking "are you sure you want to take her?", I kept imagining how much fun she was going to have with all those outdoor smells. I packed kibble, jerky, honey (for low blood sugar) and a syringe for shooting water in her mouth (maddie won't drink unless she's at home)

We chose Annette Lake because it's a beautiful hike and not too long, less than 8 miles round trip. I figured I'd be carrying Maddie most of the way since she was only about 6 months old. Here we are at the start...


Maddie did well up until we got to the rocky part of the trail. Her tiny paws kept sliding between the rocks and I carried her for a few hundred feet until we got to a better part of the trail.



By the time we got to the lake, Maddie was ready for a meal and a rest, but having a great time!


TOG tried to convince her to come in the lake, but that's a tough one for a dog that won't drink!


We tried to get Maddie to drink on the way back down when we stopped here, but no go. She finally consented to drink out of my hydration pack and we got a lot more water down her than with just a syringe.


Overall, she walked the whole 8 miles except for the slide area. Everytime I picked her up, she wanted back down. When we got back to the truck, she was whipped.


I got her to eat more jerky and then she slept for about 12 hours and woke up fiesty.  That was the beginning of her love of hiking however and she rarely allows any carrying. She can handle most terrain and does well on pretty much any hike under ten miles. I don't think she'll every grow tired of all the cool smells!