Top Ten

I am becoming quite the list maker! Might as well live up to it this morning as I am having difficulties with the fact that it's Monday morning and I have to go to work!

Top Ten reasons I adore the superbowl!

10. Even though there's a lot of prep work, TOG helps unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas

9. It gets everyone in the same room for a common purpose!

8. The doglets have multiple laps to choose from. (mine was in high demand!)

7. It's a reason to clean the house (guck!) and TOG helped so it wasn't as bad.

6. On the west coast, it's a mid afternoon start time, so I don't have to make dinner on top of making a feast!

5. I actually like and appreciate football!

4. If your team isn't playing, it's easy to just enjoy the game without having a cow about the score!

3. The commercials are as always a hoot! K1 said she'd get up during the game for more food but she didn't want to miss the commercials!

2. I have a ton of left overs and may not have to make dinner tonight! Even better, I sent a bunch of Atomic Pie home with the kids and there's still some left!

1. The food was great! This is one of the occasions where I get worked up about enough food and really good food and tend to over do it. I love feeding folks! The biggest hit- Superbowl Meatballs.

Unfortunately, I was so busy making food that I didn't take any pictures... I may post the recipes on the other blog anyway.

Hope your superbowl was great!