Leap of Faith

I've always considered this day to be a leap of faith because technically, February 29th does not exist except in the minds of men. Because our calendar is not perfect, we have a manufactured day every four years in order to keep the universe in balance. Even as a kid I thought there ought to be a little more ceremony around a day that we made up. Either that or I thought it ought to be a freebie that had reduced expectations... an automatic day off from school? A half day at work? A yummy barbecue? (In February?)

But in fact, it's technically just another day, a final day before the Ides of March. For me, it was intended to be a non blog day. I wanted to start preparing material for March and my NaBloPoMo challenge. I was going to make a list of lists! Unfortunately there are those that thought my non posting idea sucked might not be acceptable. *cough*Hallie*cough* I could have taken the day off anyway, but I came up with an idea... rare, I know! Let me explain....

Today, you'll help me with my March challenge by suggesting topics for lists for me to develop for the coming month. Pick your topic, and I'll attempt to flesh it out and bring it to life! Want to know more about the doglets? Wondering how many inhalers Asthmagirl actually has stashed and where? Interested in how many different kinds of rice are in the pantry? How many different puppy jackets I own? Bring it on! The contents of the make up drawer? Or more cerebral... How many posts I've written but never taken live?

A couple of limitations here... I'm not going out to the garage to count TOGS tools. There's a lot, lets leave it at that. I also won't do a history of my weight over the last 10 years!

So, there's your task should you decide to accept! I await your inspiration. Actually, I require it since I've spent this time posting instead of creating tomorrow's list!

PS~ TOG agrees that the oven is a must do. He'll look at the manual today. The oven will turn on and hit the required temp, then the bake light begins flashing and the element turns off. The oven will not re-engage until it's completely cool. I think it's either the control panel or the temp sensor. I don't think it's a wire leading to the oven since it has some function. The other night I left cookies in there for about 45 minutes and I still don't think they were done! We didn't try them, they looked funky!


PPS~ This is the last day for Hallie's Weiner. Don't disappoint her!