House of Snot and Cough

TOG is sick. I am worried. I rarely escape his germs and am hoping that this will be the exception. Actually, I have not escaped anyone's germs yet this year. K2 has been back to the doctor this week because she's STILL sick. Great news... it's viral and has to run it's course. The next day, TOG has it. He's making some retched noises and has made commentary about his level of snot production and the associated color. The elephant is not on his chest that I'm aware of, so maybe it's just a head thing??? But he's sick...He's so sick he's staying home. He's so sick... here's the things he requested:

  • Chicken Yakisoba
  • Diet Root Beer
  • Chocolate cake

I finally relented on the last one because it was clear that it was important to him. I drove to the store and bought him a chocolate fudge cake. He said he hoped I would bring carrot cake. I must not have been on the same wave length!

You might ask why I didn't just bake him a cake and the answer is simple. My oven is BROKEN. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. No twice baked potatoes, no more sourdough turnovers, No lasagne, no cookies. I plan on sending TOG a pleading email today to get with it forthwith and make serious plans to get it back on line. I don't think I can live without and TOG is not always prompt with the repair. Sometimes, but not always! I guess it comes from being an engineer and always having to fix things at work... who wants to do it at home. i know I feel that way about tech issues!

I have not yet decided if I'll post tomorrow, drop by and see! I'm considering taking the time for outlining my first few posts for NaBloPoMo in March. If you recall the theme is lists which I'm very excited about. I just think I could use some planning time!

Remember Hallie's Weiner!