Here's your sign

I think this is the first time I've ever inspired a post for someone else which I'm now going to respond to! You remember this guy?? Scary looking salmon dude with all the signs...?


Apparently Annie at Fried Porkchop thought it was fascinating and got all excited about what kind of signs she would post around the house. Yes, well... I have my own version!

  • Rinse the milk cartons. Do not just set them on the counter to acquire scent all day. Ewww...
  • Please let the dogs out occasionally. Especially if they're sitting in front of you with their back legs crossed and a hopeful look on their face. This is why we potty trained them
  • The dust mop and vacuum are so easy, anyone could use them
  • As much as I love cooking, I love eating what other people cook also
  • If you wash your laundry, great! Now take it upstairs. It's not cool to have five loads of laundry stacked on the dryer and the dryer full of towels because no one wants to finish the job. I have laundry to do also.
  • I am not psychic. If you wanted me to buy yogurt you should have said so. I specialize in purchasing the things that people have specfically asked for.
  • Don't touch my camera. Seriously.
  • If you watch a movie, put it up. The stack of empty DVD cases and discs everywhere isn't pretty. And no, intending to watch it again is no reason not to put it back in it's case.
  • Please don't ask me where your stuff is. If I'd seen it, I would have asked you to put it away. It's hard enough for me to find my stuff let alone yours.
  • I'm begging... please clean your bathroom so I don't have to.

That sums up my signage. I admit I have things better that Annie. Folks here do hit the garbage and the potty so you'd think mastering the basics would help them deal with the finer details. Not always!

What would your signs say?

In other bloggy news, Hallie is having a fantastic contest over at her blog this week. Drop by and write a Weiner Limerick to win a gift card to Pier 1!  Yes, Pier !! I hear they have wonderful stuff there! So if you have a way with words, it's worth your time to stop by and WWOW Hallie!

Asthmagirl out!