Night of the living dead


I'm seem to be caught in a pattern I can't break out of. Here's an all too typical night.

  • 9:30pm- too tired to work, go in the family room to watch tv
  • 10pm- fall asleep in front of the tv
  • 11pm- TOG comes home. The dogs start celebrating, mahem ensues
  • 11:15- go to bed- try to read myself back to sleep
  • 11:45- turn out the lights
  • 12:15 am- very sleepy
  • 1:30am- I wake up to the sound of wretching. I pull Cassie out of the covers and run to the pee pad. Nothing happens. Cassie looks at me in gratitude for saving her life.
  • 3:10 am- Maddie wakes me up grooming her legs. They're filthy...
  • 3:11am- Tell Maddie to knock it off, no one needs to be that clean
  • 4:05- Maddie is restless and wants to socialize. I stuff her back under the covers
  • 4:15- I'm still awake. I begin to think about work.
  • 4:30- apparently I've drifted off because I wake up again hearing noises. It's the cat under the bed.
  • 4:31- The cat leaves and I drift off again.
  • 4:50- Maddie is grooming again. I say the hell with it and get up to take a shower.
  • 5:10- I come out of the bathroom, both dogs are passed out and must be woken up for morning potties.

This cycle repeats over and over again. I would say at least one night a week I sleep from 11:45 to 5:15 with no waking... which is still not enough. Is it any wonder I look like this?


I need help. Suggestions... ideas... a good 6 hours of sleep...