How the blog got the name

For a number of years, way before I ever got asthma, I'd done project management and event coordination. I don't think you can do that without getting a little frantic now and then especially when you're trying to pull off the larger stuff! Add to that mix that I'm possibly one of the world's worst delegators and it wouldn't be unusual to see me zipping by cubicles and offices with an arm load of whatever, muttering frantically and trying to get last minute stuff done.

After a while, folks starting teasing me about being super woman (which I am not). This morphed into one lady asking to see the big red S on my chest. Again, no. Finally the joke became "Hey, was that superwoman? Oh Yeah! She's moving so fast her cape is fluttering"!

Jumping ahead a few years, TOG had encouraged me to build a website for fun. I thought it sounded like a good idea becauseof all the spare time I have! But I thought it was appealing since I'd be able to post all our hiking pictures and family stuff for my Dad who goes to Arizona half the year. So I bought the domain. I'd probably had it for about 6 months when TOG nudged me.... "what are you going to do with it, let it sit there?"

So I roughed out a design and page outline and started playing with a banner. As I did that, I had a few concerns:

  • Feedback. What if dad wanted to comment on something?
  • Freshness. I didn't want the site to be stagnant. I wanted it to have life.
  • Visitors. I wanted to site to be like a fun coffee shop, where people would pop in and enjoy the visit as much as the coffee.

Based on those revelations, I considered a blog... I really wanted a template that would allow for a lot of customization in lay out and would allow me to redirect my existing domain name. I chose typepad and began the set up/domain redirection/design. I elected to have more than one blog which meant I'd need to name the first one and that's when I remembered the whole cape fluttering bit! It is an odd name for a blog, but I like it!  If you have a blog, how did y'all name it?