Entertainment value of a blog

Ah... the joys of looking at a blank page and knowing that it awaits my words. Some people might falter, but I have stuff to say! (I hope)

This has been entertaining me for a while- looking at searches that bring people to Ye OIde Blogge. It's not as if I've spent my time talking about butts and hineys or topless sports or even baking in the nude. Seriously...who would want to? Bake in the nude that is? But that said, I do get a lot of interesting (to me) searches. For example:

Fluttering Organs- No one is searching for a cape fluttering. Okay one guy was but I don't think he was wearing anything under his. To date, it has been fluttering lungs, fluttering kidneys, fluttering heart (that was valentines day), fluttering chest, fluttering stomach and fluttering if you're pregnant. Oh and the fluttering eye, but I never understood that one!

Then there's the actual Asthmagirl search wherein I found out two things... girl scouts can now earn an asthma awareness badge which I think is outstanding, but who knew! And then there's the headline that reads "Asthmagirl dies". I checked my breathing to be sure it wasn't me and then read the article and it was a young lady in New Hampshire. Very sad.

Then there's the chihuahua image searches. Many people like the image of the girls with the three different colored eyes.


I get a few hits a week on that one. Then there's the disturbing stuff... Who the heck is looking for a picture of a chihuahua with a syringe? That's just wrong on so many levels (I think). Maddie's version of the Macarena has been quite popular as has the generic "dancing chihuahua".


Funniest search? Exhausted chihuahua which has led folks to this pic:


Then there's the oddball ones like the person looking for the Nile after I posted that I was in de-Nile about my asthma and posted the pic of the Egyptian river. The lamb sickle one was a big hit also and many of those searches originated in Canada. There's a trend that may be heading south! Also had a number of pub hits, from people looking for Irish pubs and people looking for Elliott Bay Brew Pub (one of my favorites...caution: the blackened chicken salad is HOT!). Take a bow, Khava and Annie!


Surprisingly, I've also gotten hits on free Starbucks (my new store), home milk delivery (breaking up with J) and sashimi at sunset. 

I guess the conclusion to draw here is that you never know what post that might draw someone to your blog. Of course the temptation is there at some point just to post things that will show up on odd searches! But somehow I think no matter what we post, there will always be unique searches associated with them. What do folks search for on your blogge?