I had visitors last night... Great Ones. As is my new Great Nephew... Grand Nephew... whatever! I always feel wierd calling the kids that, they're more like nephews and nieces. Except Grand!

Anyway, They're heading back to Colorado today so this was the last day we could see them. I've been putting them off because we've all had some form of illness that has precluded kissing the baby. Faced with a deadline, I succumbed! Alright...Alright... I'll see your new baby! Here is Gage:


Here is Gage and his Daddy, "L". I love this picture!


Here is me with Gage. Thank goodness that lock of hair swung forward to hide the second chin I'm currently rocking! He found me so entertaining, he fell asleep right after this was taken!


Here's the whole gang... Me and K1-K3, L and C... Gage's mom and dad, L- C's sister and her two, N and L.


They were teasing me, because apparently I said I'd send pictures of my little dogs and I did not. So they weren't ready to trust me on sending these out. Then someone said "post it on your blog". Then someone said"You have a blog?" The rest is history!

That reminded me of that convo in Robin Hood-Men in Tights where the Sheriff of Rottingham asks King John if his mole has moved (it was huge and moved to a different part of his face in every scene!). King John says "I have a mole?"

Anyway, now I have even more family reading the blogge. As I said before, it's so much easier when no one you know reads it. Then you can tell lies and embellish to your hearts content! Or make stuff up! I've not actually done any of those things but I could have and now I can't!

So today's post has moved to tomorrow and I'll talk with you then! BTW, thanks to all those that played picture tag with me! That was fun!

Have a great day!