Lets play TAG!

Unfortunately, someone has fallen for fast talking and tricky pictures and now assumes that I am interesting. I don't dare protest too much because my other reader might catch on, but I think you might be mistaken. I suppose it would be interesting if I quit talking about my lungs all the freakin' time! But someone's got to breathe life into the silly things... ah ha, ha, ha! Ahem...

So Evil Chef Mom, she of the pie baking celebration, has tagged me with the latest Meme. I am to list 5 random facts about myself complete with pictures. I only hope my reader doesn't desert me after this debacle! Here we go...

I love Disney/Pixar movies. They rock my world. It took me a long time to get to Disney land. When I was quite young my parents allowed me to choose between Disneyland and Yellowstone Park. Both of which are a bit of a drive from Alaska. At the time, I was enamored of Yogi, and Boo Boo. And I though my parents were saying Jellystone Park. It was still a fun trip, but if I'd known, I would have picked Disneyland. I was still as excited as a little girl when I got there and delighted that one of my favorite charactors was out greeting folks. Buzz, I still dream of you!


I long for this back pack. I'm going to try carrying more weight this summer. This pack has light aluminum supports that keep the body of the pack up off your back so you don't sweat! It's straps are also spaced appropriately for women, being designed not to mash the breasts. Also, it has a pocket for my hydration pack so I can carry water in a pouch for Maddie and I. It even has a little zipper pouch for dog biscuites! I'm saving up for it.


I love my bike. It's a hybrid, so it's light weight and faster than my previous bikes, but you can take it in the gravel without falling over! It also has disc brakes instead of pad brakes, so it handles well! In the past I've ridden it to work in the summer which is about 15 miles each way. Great scenery and you really build up the calf muscles for hiking!


I'm guilty of fooling with my hair a lot. A lot. It's been short and red, short and chestnut, chestnut with blond bangs, long and blond, you get the idea. Here's one of my favorites!


I think I wanted a horse from about the first moment I drew a breath. I dreamed of how beautiful it would be with it's long, flowing mane and tail and how lovely and grown up I would be when riding this perfect steed. I was lucky enough to have a dad that bought me a horse, but only so he could use it for moose hunting in Alaska. He would cut the moose in half, and each horse (we had two) would carry half a moose out of the bush. This is my first horse, Rascal. I could not have loved him more. Oh, and that's me. On the table are grouse that my dad shot for dinner. I never cared for grouse.


  Just for fun, here's how the cabin looked last fall when we went back...


Thank goodness we're done with that! Now for the tagging... Lets see...

That's enough tagging for me I think. The usual rules apply!

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Have fun!