I didn't always give... For much of my life, I didn't consider it. A good portion of that was when TOG and I were young and struggling... now we're middle aged and struggling not as hard! Even when we had our youngest daughter and got help from agencies for her medical care related to her disability, I really only saw the task in front of me and didn't take on the larger task at hand.

Now I'm a little further on in my life. As my former boss puts it, I've shown an affinity for the helping professions. I've noted that there's a lot of blog profiles out there that show Non Profits as an interest or an industry. You folks are likely hip to my message. For those of you who are not affiliated with a non profit in any way, please consider this my public service announcement...

Non profits need your help. Without taking a political veiw, the current administration has trimmed a variety of budgets that in some way drizzle revenue into non profit coffers. Whether it's the social and health services budget that serves welfare moms (in my state that same pie is cut into a sliver that serves folks with disabilites... cut welfare = cut disabilites) or dept of labor job training money for dislocated workers (a piece of this money actually provides job training and placement money to youth with disabilities coming out of high school), social service money is taking a hit, and non profits are taking it in the shorts.  If you're in environmental, forest service money is cut to the bone, same with schools, libraries, health programs, immigration programs, etc. If you're working for a non profit, you're probably already counting paperclips and sticky notes. Non profit managers are managing three programs instead of just one. Grant writers are scrambling for money that has become much more competetive from foundations. 

I'm reasonably sure there's a non profit somewhere near you that could use a hand. If you cannot afford to give, can you afford to search? One of the tools available on the internet now is called goodsearch. Go to their site and pick a non profit, then use the site for your searches. Goodsearch donates half their advertising revenue directly to your non profit of choice. Do you shop online? Go to Goodshop. Pick a store. Buy something. A percentage of that sale will be donated to your non profit of choice. I made $65 for my non profit of choice at Christmas, just by shopping. Even the prize for my contest last week was purchased at Goodshop. If your non profit of choice isn't listed, it's super easy for them to sign up. If you want to support a big organization, they have lung association, heart association... the list goes on.

I realize that what is dear to my heart, is not necessarily dear to yours, but I hope you give and if not I hope you consider it. Giving makes me feel like there's hope. It supports my need to be an optimist! Thanks for hearing me!